Recommended fiction

We are all voracious readers of fiction at Browsers and are confident that we will always be able to suggest great titles in any genre for you to try, or to give away as a perfect present.

If you're unable to call in, we hope that the list below will give you some ideas. These are titles we're promoting in the shop or, most importantly, have devoured ourselves. Click on the link, where available, for a full review by one of the Browsers' team.

A Place Called Winter
by Patrick Gale
A stunning, sensitive portrayal of a man's fight to survive and to love.
The Kind Worth Killing
by Peter Swanson
Do we know a murderer? This is a clever, gripping and intriguing thriller where the reader's usual sympathies are upturned.
by Renee Knight
How would you feel if you started reading a book and discovered it was all about your life? This is a great idea for a thriller and Renee Knight has executed it brilliantly.
by Emma Hooper
A magical, whimsical, poignant, lyrical tale of memory, love and loss.
Station Eleven
by Emily St John Mandel
A thought-provoking, gripping and haunting account of the end of civilisation.
Sweet Caress
by William Boyd
This is a wonderful imagined life of a female photographer and her experiences of love, war and art. The narrative is punctuated by 'examples of her work' - photographs in fact collected by the author. It's intriguing.
The Circle
by Dave Eggers
A warning of things to come? Writing was flawed but the plot held all enthralled and led to an animated discussion.
The Shut Eye
by Belinda Bauer
Great characters and a mystery that keeps you thinking long after you put the book down.