Word Perfect with Susie Dent ONLINE

Event date: 
Thursday 8th October 2020 at 7.30pm

What is 'hurkle-durkling'? Or the 'Yule hole'? How did we come to use the word 'tawdry'? What is 'snaccident'?

Susie Dent has collected a word for every day of the year in her new book 'Word Perfect'.

Find out how she's made the choice, why she has such a fascination for language, and some behind-the-scenes gossip from Dictionary Corner of TV's Countdown in this exclusive online event.

Susie will be talking to Catherine Larner via Zoom, in association with Browsers Bookshop, Woodbridge.

Everyone is welcome to attend. After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an acknowledgement followed by the sign-in details on the day of the event.

You can post questions you might like to ask Susie ahead of hearing her speak, and your signed copy of 'Word Perfect' will be available for you to collect from Browsers Bookshop the day after the event (alternatively the book can be posted to you for a small fee).

For the details for joining in this exclusive event click here.

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