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A few book recommendations

Margery Spring Rice
Lucy Pollard

This is the first biography of a pioneer of women’s health in the early twentieth century. Margery was the niece of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Millicent Fawcett and started the second birth control clinic, after Marie Stopes, in London. Margery lived locally in Iken Hall, near Woodbridge and was Lucy’s grandmother.

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Book price: £29.95 (HB) or £19.95 (PB)

Richard Barber

How do you recognise a king when you see one? This lavishly illustrated book by historian Richard Barber explores how medieval princes proclaimed their special status through displays of magnificence.

"The book is stunning, in every respect, and will be the gold standard in its subject for years to come." ALISON WEIR

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Book price: £30.00

Fifty Miles with My Dad
May de la Rue

This is a charming account of the time spent by a father and daughter walking along the Suffolk coast path to raise funds for a cause close to home. The author is now studying medicine and is continuing to raise money for charity through the sale of this book which recalls her 10-year-old self, delighting in the land and history of Suffolk, and spending quality time with her father.

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Book price: £18.00

Curlew Coast - Diversions on Maritime Suffolk
Judith Ellis

Woodbridge, Dunwich, Aldeburgh, Orford, Ipswich, Southwold, Harwich...

This beautiful book is a personal celebration of some of the maritime aspects of Suffolk that have entranced its author and illustrator, Judith Ellis.

Along with a companion volume on maritime Norfolk it will make a lovely gift.

Shingle Street – the famous Shell Line

If you know Shingle Street then you know the now famous shell line. Created by two childhood friends, and contributed to and extended by hundreds of visitors in the last twelve years it is a celebration of friendship and the frailty and transitory nature of our lives. This small, beautiful books is itself a celebration of the Shell Line.

From Cold War to Hot Peace: the Inside Story of Russia and America
Michael McFaul

'An insider's account of the decline in US-Russian relations that paints a bleak, candid picture....McFaul sees hope for improvement in the distant future, once Putin leaves office. For now, his book convincingly shows that the outlook for the US-Russian relationship is bleak and frightening – not least because today's domestic currents are treacherous in Washington too.' The Financial Times


Secret Barrister

If you are interested in the justice system and its manifest deficiencies, this is the book to read!

'“Hell” is the word used by one supreme court judge. “Despair” is the experience of another in the court of appeal. Over the last near decade of austerity, justice has endured the deepest cuts of any departmental spending in the UK. But at its deepest level (this book) is not about the criminal justice system at all. The Secret Barrister writes about our idea of ourselves as a nation, an England still so confident in its principles and workings of democracy and justice. When in practice it is now less of a model for others to aspire to than a dire warning as to what can go wrong.'   The Guardian

Skin in the Game
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

'An arresting polemic on why politicians (and senior business people and civil servants) should face the consequences of their actions.' The Guardian

The World as it Is: Inside the Obama White House
Ben Rhodes

From Obama's right hand man....

For nearly ten years, Ben Rhodes was at the centre of the Obama Administration – first as a speech writer, then a policy maker, and finally a multi-purpose aid and close collaborator. You may have seen him in the fascinating documentary – Final Year – alongside Samantha Power and John Kerry.

Too Marvellous for Words
Julie Welch

Set in a girls' boarding school in Suffolk in the early 1960s.

Award-winning writer Julie Welch remembers her time spent at Felixstowe College...when the headmistress and the head of science raced each other on the public roads in their sportcars....