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Author events

Throughout the year, Catherine Larner organises a number of talks and book launches for Browsers Bookshop. These take place in the shop and at venues throughout the town, as intimate gatherings of around 30 guests to literary lunches and large evening talks with audiences of up to 300 people. 

Authors who have joined us have included tv journalist Robert Peston, novelists Alexander McCall Smith, Margaret Drabble, James Runcie and Kate Mosse, comedian and presenter Griff Rhys Jones, children's author Michael Morpurgo, as well as Olympic rowing champion Katherine Grainger and antiques expert, Judith Miller. 

There are new authors or less familiar names, too, invited because we love their books and we want you to try them too.

We’ve welcomed Renee Knight with her psychological thriller, ‘Disclaimer'. There’s been a demonstration from internationally renowned jewellery designer, Alex Monroe, as he’s launched his memoir about his Suffolk childhood ’Two Turtle Doves'. And we met the wonderful and talented Emma Hooper when we walked along the river wall and talked about the inspiration for her debut novel ‘Etta and Otto and Russell and James’. Take a look at reports of past events to get a flavour of what we offer.

Book Group Meetings

What's more, we have a Browsers Book Group meeting. It takes place on the last Monday of each month (except August and December) at 8pm in the bookshop. Around 20 people usually come along to discuss the latest title and we have wine, juice or coffee for a small donation, with complimentary flapjack! Catherine leads the group, which has been going for ten years now, and we've kept a list of all the books we've read - it's a great resource as Catherine tries to find titles that sometimes slip under the radar.

Coming soon

Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 1.00pm

Bestselling crime writer John Connolly in conversation with Catherine Larner for this special lunchtime event at Woodbridge Library.

The hugely entertaining Irish writer, the author of 20 novels, is best known for his Charlie Parker mysteries.

While John was drawn to the American crime tradition to explore issues of compassion, morality, reparation and salvation, this new mystery brings Charlie Parker to the UK for the first time, and to East Anglia!

Come along to find out more.

Ticket £18 includes a copy of the book, and one additional ticket without the book can be purchased for £10.
Details: 01394 388890

Tuesday 7th May 2019 at 7.30pm

British composer Michael Tippett is considered among the most visionary of the twentieth century. His work included five operas and four symphonies, and the oratorio 'A Child of Our Time'. But little has been written about his extraordinary life - and his childhood was spent in Suffolk.

Oliver Soden has written an extraordinary account of the man revealing someone who was charming, stubborn and great fun, but who held secrets and sorrows.

Oliver has drawn on unpublished letters and manuscripts, and interviews with Tippett's friends and colleagues. And he introduces us to other notable figures of the time, with their influence on Tippett - T.S. Eliot, E.M. Forster, Barbara Hepworth, and W.H. Auden among them.

This is a stunning book and Oliver's passion and enthusiasm for his subject and this project is infectious. Please don't miss meeting him and learning more of the life of this great composer.

Tickets £22 inc a copy of the book (RRP £25.00), or £10 without.

Available from Browsers Bookshop, 60 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. Tel: 01394 388890

Wednesday 29th May 2019 at 2.00pm

The hugely popular novelist, author of 'The Island', 'The Return' and 'The Thread', Victoria Hislop is joining us to introduce her new book.

It is called 'Those Who Are Loved' and is set against the backdrop of the German occupation of Greece.

"Everyone knows how much I love Greece," says Victoria, "but exploring this story has taken me to some new and disquieting places.

"'Those Who Are Loved' has been germinating for a decade now, from the moment I first saw the island of Makronisos from the Greek mainland.

"I was told it was uninhabited, but had been a prison camp for communists. The discovery compelled me to read about the Greek civil war (in which many women played a role), but of course it also meant researching the events that led to that conflict as well as the long-term after-effects that are still seen in Greece even today."

This special afternoon event will be held at an exciting new venue. We'll be meeting Victoria at The Longshed on the River Wall in Woodbridge.

If you haven't yet explored the Whisstocks boatyard development, this is an excellent opportunity! The Longshed is where the replica of the Anglo Saxon ship buried at Sutton Hoo will be constructed, and currently various boatbuilding projects for skiffs and canoes are underway.

Make your way there by parking at the Riverside or Hamblin Road car parks, and then enjoy a gentle stroll towards the Tide Mill. At the new waterfront development, step across the courtyard, with the river behind you, to find the entrance to the Longshed in the left hand corner.

Tickets £20 to include a copy of ‘Those Who Are Loved' (RRP£19.99). One additional ticket can be purchased at £10 without the book. Tel 01394 388890