My Life in Houses


The best-selling, award-winning author, Margaret Forster has told her life through the houses she has lived in as a child, an adolescent, being newly married, in her emerging career, and as a mother.

It begins with a dissatisfied young girl who prefers to live in friends' houses than with her family and concludes with the author struggling to counter her recurring battle with cancer, but seeing her home as her true place of safety, of wholeness, and of hope.

It tells of her eagerness to leave home, even as a child, and her early married life with Hunter Davies in London. The couple's success as writers and the glamour of the people they met, while turning a dilapidated house into a much loved home, is great escapism.

This is a book to read over again on a Sunday afternoon in front of a roaring fire, and will also prove an inspiration and encouragement for others to write the account of their lives in the same way.