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A woman picks up a book to read from her bedside table. She's a little puzzled as she can't remember buying it, but starts reading. She hasn't got very far when she feels very uncomfortable. The story is about her. She flicks back to the front pages of the book to check the name of the author or to get another clue on what is going on. Then she discovers that the usual disclaimer about 'resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental' has been scored through with straight red lines.

She is horrified that someone has found out her secret and is seeking to expose her, and that the author is also distributing the book among her family and work colleagues. What will they do next? And what do they want from her?

This is a great idea for a thriller and Renee Knight has executed it brilliantly. There are twists and turns all the way, to the very last page. It will leave you feeling quite wrung through, but exhilarated by the concept of the story nevertheless.

Renee visited Browsers recently to tell us more about the book, its reception and how she is now turning it into a film.