Book Group listing

Book Group meetings 

Each month we have an open meeting in a hall close to the bookshop. Read more about it here. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages.

November 2020
Everything Under
by Daisy Johnson

Polarities in views for this book - beautiful, compelling writing exploring many themes, complex and gripping, said some. Others felt it was too sinister, unsettling and confusing. A great discussion!

October 2020
The Forest of Wool and Steel
by Natsu Miyashita

A wonderful, gentle, comforting read, said some. Others thought it needed more pace and plot! All found the glimpse into the world of pianos and piano tuning fascinating. A pleasant and enjoyable discussion resulted!

September 2020
The Confessions of Frannie Langton
by Sara Collins

Slavery and freedom, race and class, love affair and murder. This was breathtaking and compelling for some, too ambitious with unlikeable, unengaging characters for others. A lively discussion explored themes raised and puzzled over writing style and plot developments.

August 2020
You Will Be Safe Here
by Damian Barr

Beautifully written, moving and a challenging introduction to a little known and overlooked disturbing episode in history. Others thought the narrative disjointed with 'brutal' language. An animated and fascinating discussion resulted.

July 2020
The Offing
by Benjamin Myers

A wonderful, gentle, 'soothing' summer read, everyone agreed, and the characters and setting were appealing. The vivid descriptions of food and landscape were a little overdone in parts, some felt, but overall this was a huge hit!

June 2020
by Michael Ondaatje

There were mixed feelings about this book. Some couldn't speak highly enough about the vivid descriptions and the powerful sense of atmosphere. A Dickensian London, some said, and a fascinating exploration of spying, secrets and danger, family, parenting. Others felt there were too many questions unanswered, the book was in two parts and the plot structure was mixed.

May 2020
The Friend
by Sigrid Nunez

An intriguing book with something for everybody - certainly not just dog lovers! The author explores the writing process, particularly writing classes and literary circles, friendship, animal bonds, grief and loss. Rather self-indulgent, some felt, in the author's many references and quotes. Is this a novel as memoir, or a memoir as novel?

April 2020
Lost Children Archive
by Valerie Liuselli

For our first online video book group, we had a lively discussion. This rich, multi-layered, clever, thought-provoking read brought many different responses - some hated it, some loved it, but most found there were elements they enjoyed.

March 2020
The Great Level
by Stella Tillyard

Most felt this was a beautifully written book with many interesting themes with the love story between Jan and Eliza appealing and the historical setting fascinating, but the group was divided in who they felt was the most convincing narrator.

February 2020
Middle England
by Jonathan Coe

A few thought this wasn't as good as the author's previous titles, but most thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining and helpful overview of the recent Brexit years. A lively discussion!

January 2020
Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
by Olga Tokarczuk

There was a unanimous approval of this quirky, unusual, often amusing and subversive tale. Though some thought the ending disappointing.