Book Group listing

Book Group meetings in 2019

Each month we have an open meeting in the bookshop read more about it here. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages.

June 2019
The Eight Mountains
by Paolo Cognetti
April 2019
by Anna Mackmin

An extraordinary book which divided the group - a moving, hilarious page-turner for some, but bleak, disturbing and 'hard work' for others!

March 2019
Little Fires Everywhere
by Celeste Ng

Many people loved the book for its characterisation and sense of place. Others thought that though the writing was good, the author was too keen to explore ‘themes’ and often laboured in directing the reader’s response.

February 2019
Old Baggage
by Lissa Evans
January 2019
by Anna Burns

This was a hard read both in style and in subject matter, yet most agreed that the language was poetic and rhythmical and the spirit of oppression, fear and foreboding was powerful. A fascinating book with a lively discussion.