Book Group listing

Book Group meetings 

Each month we have an open meeting in a hall close to the bookshop. Read more about it here. We usually focus on modern fiction and the discussion regularly attracts around 20 people, men and women, of all ages.

November 2015
How to be both
by Ali Smith

While most enjoyed the modern day story in this book of two halves, everyone felt challenged and some were exasperated by the cleverness of the author.

October 2015
After me comes the flood
by Sarah Perry

High expectations from a great cover and intriguing, if odd, opening, but everyone agreed the novel didn't deliver. Muddled and disappointing.

September 2015
The Circle
by Dave Eggers

A warning of things to come? Writing was flawed but the plot held all enthralled and led to an animated discussion.

July 2015
Mornings in Jenin
by Susan Abulhawa

A fascinating and moving book which provoked much discussion regarding the style of writing, but particularly the cultural and political setting. Very thought provoking.

June 2015
by Melissa Harrison

The best book he'd ever read, said one. There was no plot, no story, said another. Most felt it was beautiful and sad.

June 2015
The Shock of the Fall
by Nathan Filer

Most agreed this was a brilliantly written, enjoyable book about a difficult subject. Some found it too unsettling.

April 2015
Station Eleven
by Emily St John Mandel

A thought-provoking, gripping and haunting account of the end of civilisation.

March 2015
The Guest Cat
by Takashi Hiraide

Is this really about a cat? A short, puzzling book. Repetition and clunky translation got in the way of overall enjoyment.

February 2015
The Mussel Feast
by Birgit Vanderbeke

A fascinating discussion as everyone seemed to respond to the book differently - a story of family, abuse, political allegory.

January 2015
The Missing
by Tim Gautreaux

A powerful, evocative account of a tough life in the deep south of America. Beautiful writing, vivid descriptions, fascinating characters.