Robert Peston in conversation

The award-winning journalist, now ITV’s political editor, Robert Peston is visiting Woodbridge in the new year, as the guest of Browsers Bookshop. He will be in conversation with Catherine Larner about his newly published book, provocatively titled 'WTF'.

Brexit, Trump and the recent British and French elections were all part of the people's revolt against the way the West is run.

What has caused this series of political shocks, and what needs to be done to mend our fractured society?

In 'WTF' Robert Peston seeks to make sense of the events which are changing our lives.

In this wide-ranging and very readable account, he looks at how and whether it is possible to make a success of leaving the EU, what the lessons should be of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, whether robots can be stopped from taking our work, the widening gap between rich and poor, and what must happen to prevent democracy being subverted through the manipulation of social media.

Robert has written for the 'Sunday Telegraph', 'New Statesman' and 'Independent' newspapers and was formerly the BBC’s business editor. He’s known particularly for breaking the news of the crisis at Northern Rock bank.

This very special evening on Thursday 11 January 2018 will take place at Woodbridge Community Hall and will begin at 7pm. Robert will be available to sign copies of the book.

Tickets are £25 including a copy of 'WTF' (RRP £20). An additional ticket can be purchased for £10. Available from Browsers Bookshop, tel 01394 388890

As this will be a capacity event, any unwanted tickets may be returned to the bookshop and a refund offered if/when resold. Should, for reasons beyond our control, the event not go ahead, then the ticket purchase price will be returned.